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Five Important Items to Have in Your Cricket Kit

When thinking of a cricket kit, it is easy to think Cricket bats gloves, pads and a helmet. But, what other important items should you have with you to help with your performance?

Below are five important cricket items you should have with you in your kit bag.

  1. Protective Equipment

Of course, a helmet is vital to have in your cricket kit, but what else?

I have seen players bat without a thigh guard, which is crazy! A thigh guard is an important item to have with you, because the last thing you want is to be mindful of the ball hitting your thigh at speed. This could affect your ability to properly get in behind the ball.

Also, for male cricketers, a protector is vital for your mid-section. An arm-guard is also something to consider, especially on bouncy tracks.


  1. Batting Toe Guard

In this case, simple is important.

A toe guard is not something that straight away comes to mind when packing a cricket kit, but protecting your bat with a toe guard pack is vital. These help prevent unnecessary toe damage to your bat, and the costs with having to fix or replace your bat. Common damage includes cracking, moisture and swelling on the bottom of the bat.

Treat your gear like royalty!


  1. Cricket Hat

Have fun playing cricket, and protect yourself from the sun. Always carry a cricket hat with you!


4.Cricket Inner Gloves

  • Protecting your bat is important, but so too your gloves. Batting or wicket keeping in hot conditions can cause sweat, which can cause a few issues:
  • Gloves can become uncomfortable to wear while batting or keeping as they can become wet. Also, after a while, they can become hard inside when wearing them again.
  • Inner gloves allow for a better fit.
  • Inner gloves provide extra protection for your hands.


This simple addition can help prolong the life of your gloves, as well as helping you feel more comfortable on the field.


Have fun playing cricket, and protect yourself from the sun. Always carry a cricket hat with you!



  1. Cricket Stumps

Whether wooden, plastic or metal, carrying a set of stumps with you is important when practicing.

Personally, I enjoy batting by throwing a tennis ball against a wall and practicing strokeplay, with stumps behind me to ensure my positioning is spot on. This is in addition to net sessions.

Also, if you are a bowler, you would know that bowling at a set of stumps is important, as you can get a gage on your lines and lengths. Aim for the top of off!


So, there are five important cricket accessories that make up a comprehensive, well-rounded cricket kit!

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